Egocentric affective emotional projections and the rapid judgment of voice stimuli

Researcher: Ross Smith, School of Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Glasgow Supervisor: Gaby Mahrholz, School of Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Glasgow

You are invited to take part in this study exploring the relationship between listener emotion and the judgment of voice stimuli. It is important for you to understand why this research is being conducted and what it involves. Your participation is voluntary, and you will not be compensated for your time. Should you decide to take part, you are free to withdraw at any time without explanation. You do not have to answer any questions that you do not want to. Please read the following information carefully.

What is the purpose of the study?

The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between listener affective emotion and the rapid judgement of emotion and personality in voice stimuli. There is evidence in face and perception research to suggest that egocentric emotionality influences the interpretation of stimuli. This has not been explored in voice research. This study aims to explore listeners’ emotional projections and the interpretation of emotion in voice stimuli.

Why have I been chosen?

You have been chosen because you meet the criteria, are over the age of 16, and have no hearing impairment. You will be asked to complete an online survey which will take about 15 minutes.

Do I have to take part?

Participation is voluntary and you do not have to take part in this research. We would be grateful if you did. If you would like to withdraw from the research at any point, you can exit the study by closing the browser which will be taken as withdrawal of consent. As the data will be collected without personal identifying information, data cannot be deleted after the survey or the study is complete.

Will my taking part in this study be kept confidential?

The data you provide will be anonymised and no personal identifying information will be recorded. Processed data may be made available on a data sharing platform such as the OSF (Open Science Framework). There will be no participant identifying information on this platform.

What will happen to the results of the research study?

The results will be used to complete a dissertation component of a MS Psychology conversion degree at the University of Glasgow, and may be published in an academic journal.

What will my participation involve?

You will be presented with two questionnaires. The first one will be a demographic questionnaire asking about your age, gender, and nationality. The second questionnaire has 21 items relating to your experience of anxiety, depression, and stress. You will have four possible answer options, ranging from "Did not apply to me at all” to "Applied to me very much or most of the time”.

Subsequently, you will be presented with the voice rating part of the study. You will hear 36 male and 36 female vocal affect representations and asked to judge how positive/negative they sound to you.

Overall, the completion of the study should take about 15 minutes.

Who can I contact if I want more information?

You can contact myself, Ross Smith, the researcher via email: or my supervisor, Gaby Mahrholz:

If you feel you need support resulting from taking part in this study, there are a number of places you can go to for help:
-The University Counselling and Psychological Service can be contacted by email at
-The Learning Enhancement and Academic Development Service (LEADS) offer advice regarding assessments. Information and bookings can be accessed at

The University of Glasgow Masterclass page with resources for managing mental health can be found at:

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