Factors affecting self-perception.

This study is part of an undergraduate research project being conducted by students of University of Glasgow Psychology (Abi Charles, Amy Logan, Bethan Malley, Rhiannan Ballard, Megan Adams and Lucy Juif). The supervisor of this project is Dr Lorna Morrow.

Purpose of the Research The purpose of this study is to investigate factors that affect self-perception.

What will participation involve? You will be required to complete the initial questionnaire on an online platform called experimentum. Five days later you will be required to complete a questionnaire again. You have the right to refuse participation at any point during this study, regardless of signing your consent, and any data obtained until this point will be removed from analysis.

How long will participation take? The first session of the study will take approximately 5 minutes. There will then be a week interval and the final questionnaire will take no longer than 5 minutes. No breaks are required due to the short study length.

How will I participate? You will be given a link to a website called experimentum, where you will be directed to the main page of the study. There you will be provided with the questionnaire to complete. After a week has passed you will complete the questionnaire using the same website.

Confidentiality and Anonymity The website the study uses is a secure website which can only be accessed by researchers at the University of Glasgow, and the results of this study will only be available to those carrying it out. All data provided will be anonymised for analysis and you will not be identifiable from your data. Data will be securely stored on University of Glasgow’s office 365 OneDrive server so that only the researchers can access it.

Questions regarding the study should be directed to the experimenters Abi Charles via email (2311429c@student.gla.ac.uk) Amy Logan (2311044L@student.gla.ac.uk ) Bethan Malley (2311018m@student.gla.ac.uk ), Rhiannan Ballard (2310125B@student.gla.ac.uk ), Megan Adams (2310107A@student.gla.ac.uk ) and Lucy Juif (2309565J@student.gla.ac.uk ) or the supervisor Dr Lorna Morrow (lorna.morrow@glasgow.ac.uk)

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