Hi everyone!!! Welcome to Summer School for Psychology.

In this part of the pre-designed materials, we want to show you what an actual experiment in Psychology may look like. Since our main theme for this year's summer school is emotion recognition, we thought to create an experiment about facial and vocal emotion recognition, and guide you though the experimenter's view whilst also giving you the opportunity to experience the experiment from the participant's perspective.

On this very introduction page, you would tell participants about the purpose of the experiment and why you are conducting the study. You would also roughly outline what tasks they would have to complete, how long it would take, and what kind of rewards they could expect. Participants can then decide straight away if they want to complete your experiment or if they consider it too much hassle and would rather spent their time doing something else.

You can also talk about exclusion criteria. For example, if your experiment requires healthy participants, you would have a criterion in here that addresses normal hearing (since cochlear implants and some types of hearing aids can distort emotion perception) or normal to corrected vision (glasses and contact lenses are fine as long as you can see the pictures of the faces that will be presented). You would also mention age restrictions here. It is very difficult to get ethical clearance for online experiments when participants are under the age of 16 because a parent or guardian usually has to provide consent and with online experiments you can never be quite certain who actually clicks "yes" on consent. Or, in a different scenario, if you are interested in exploring emotion recognition accuracy between older and younger participants, you would want participants to be either over 60 or under 30.

Once you are done with providing your participants with as much information as you possibly can, you would also tell them how they get in touch with you. By providing an email address, they could clarify whatever questions they have with you before they start the experiment.

A "real" introduction to an experiment could look like this:

You are invited to take part in a project as part of a PhD project in Psychology at the University of Glasgow. Please read the instructions carefully before starting the experiment.

This study aims to investigate whether people are more accurate recognising emotions from faces or voices. The experiment consists of 4 blocks (female faces, male faces, female voices, and male voices) with 35 stimuli in each block. Your task is to label the emotions you see or hear.

In total, the experiment should take no more than 15 minutes. Please use headphones and/or a quiet environment for the auditory part of the experiment.

We really appreciate your time taking part in this study. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate you with monetary incentives.

Please do not participate in this experiment if you have any hearing impairments or hearing aids.

For any questions you ave prior to the experiment, please contact Gaby at g.mahrholz.1@research.gla.ac.uk.

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