Dear Participant,

Thanks for being a part of my study. Before we begin, here is a brief outline of the study.

Purpose of Study:

To understand if acoustical properties of the voice of a presenter has an influence on the topic listeners prefer to learn from the presenter.

Description of the Study Procedures:

Extracts from an academic passage from 8 different topics will be displayed. After each extract, you will be given a set of voices that you could choose to learn more about the topic. There will be a total of 24 trials . The entire study will take up to 20 minutes. Your age and gender will be recorded. If you are currently studying, your area of study will be recorded.

Risks of Being in this Study:

We do not expect the study to constitute any risk to you. The procedure is entirely non-invasive.


We will anonymize your data and use only group averages to communicate data. We will also use your anonymized data (data without any personal identifiers) for educational purposes in our lab and for the purpose of sharing with other scientists as part of open science initiatives. By consenting to take part, please be aware that your data will be shared. In case you change your decision about your data being used for further research, you can let us know by contacting us through the email address given at the end of the study.

Right to Refuse or Withdraw:

The decision to participate in this study is entirely up to you. You may exit the survey without submitting the data at any time and for any reason, without having to give a reason to the researcher.

Further Information:

You are very welcome to ask questions about this research study and to have those questions answered by me before, during or after the research. If you have any further questions about the study or concerns that occur as a result of your participation at any time, feel free to contact me, Manoj Prabhakar Samuel Anand, by email at or my supervisor, Dr. Helena Paterson, by email at You can also contact us if you would like a summary of the study.

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