Investigating motivations for dating app use.

You are invited to take part in a research study investigating the motivations for dating app use. It is important for you to understand why the research is being conducted and what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully. We thank you for your participation.

What is the purpose of this study? This study aims to explore the motivations for engaging in the use of dating apps. The way in which we interact and behave within our relationships differs from person to person, and we would like to investigate how these individual differences affect the way in which we seek romantic relationships.

Why have I been chosen? We have chosen to focus our study on anyone who currently uses or has used dating apps in the past. If you do not have experience using dating apps, we kindly ask you to exit the study now. Furthermore, please only continue with this study if you are over the age of 16.

What will participation involve? This study involves completing two measures. You’ll be asked to complete two brief questionnaires that will help us explore the motivations for using dating apps, after which there will be a debrief.

How long will participation take? The whole procedure will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Do I have to take part? No - your participation is voluntary, and you will maintain your right to withdraw at any point during this study for any reason and without explanation or penalty.

Will my taking part in this study be kept confidential? All data collected from you will be treated with full confidentiality, and anonymised so that it will be non-identifiable. The information collected will be stored in accordance with GDPR regulations on an online server, and accessible only to the researchers involved in conducting this study.

What will happen to the results of the research study? The results will be analysed anonymously by the researchers and form part of a mini-project, investigating motivations for dating app use.

Who can I contact if I want more information? This research is being carried out by third-year students at the University of Glasgow as part of the Psychology Honours course, and is under the supervision of Chiara Horlin. If you wish to receive more information about the study and/or a summary of the anonymised group results, please feel free to contact Isla McClung ( or Chiara Horlin (

Firstly, have you ever used any dating apps? For example Tinder, Hinge, Grindr, Bumble etc.

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