This study is a part of an undergraduate project being conducted by a student of Psychology at University of Glasgow. The supervisor of the project is Lisa DeBruine.

Purpose of the research

The purpose of this research study is to explore the different ways to ask participants in research about their gender

What will participation involve?

This study involves 8 sets of questions, each beginning with “What is your gender?” and a drop-down menu of options to choose from.

Each set then asks how accurately the option you chose describes your gender, how easy it was to choose an answer, and how comfortable you were choosing from the options. For these, you are asked to answer on a 7-point scale from “not at all” to “completely”. For example, when asked how easy the question was to answer, choosing the button closest to “not at all” would mean you found it extremely difficult. There is also an open response version of the question where you are asked to describe your gender in your own words.

The procedure will take approximately 10 minutes.

The questions may feel repetitive but there are subtle differences being assessed between each of the sets.

Questions regarding the study should be directed to


If you agree to participate in this study, please read the following statements. Clicking next to continue to the questions will be taken as confirmation that you have read and understood the following statements and that you give consent to participate.

As a participant of this experiment, I understand that:

  1. My participation is voluntary, and I can withdraw at any time, without penalty.
  2. My responses are anonymous and confidential.
  3. No information that identifies me will be made publicly available.
  4. There are no risks involved in the participation in this study.
  5. The study complies with ethical regulations specified by British Psychological Society.
  6. I have the right not to answer any questions that make me uncomfortable.

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