Help-Seeking Behaviours in LGBT vs non-LGBT young adults

You are being invited to take part in a research study. The following information will explain the purpose of this study and what taking part will involve. Please read this information carefully. If you have any questions about participating in this study, please contact the researcher or supervisor listed at the bottom.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether there are any differences in the help-seeking behaviours of young adults (18-25) who are LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender) and those who are non-LGBT.

This study is recruiting 18- to 25-year-olds who experience common symptoms associated with anxiety and/or depression, whether you believe you may have either of these conditions or not. However, you cannot take part if you have a professionally diagnosed mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression.

Participation in this study is voluntary, and you may withdraw from the study at any time before completion by exiting the page. If you do not wish to answer any of the questions, they can be left blank.

You will be asked to complete demographic questions, a survey to assess symptoms of anxiety and depression, and questions about your history of help-seeking for your mental health. This study should take around 5 minutes to complete.

Any responses to questions will be kept confidential. Answers will be associated with a randomly generated ID number, so you cannot be personally identified by your responses. The software used to capture responses is GDPR compliant, and the data will be stored on the University of Glasgow OneDrive server. It will be deleted by 1/11/22.

If you have any further questions or wish to view a summary of the anonymised results, please do not hesitate to contact the researcher ( or the supervisor (

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