Sorry, this project has finished.

Please contact with any questions about this study.

Thank you very much for participating in our study! Your time and effort are very much appreciated.

In this study, we are investigating how your engagement with your University course is predicted by your wellbeing and perfectionism levels. We are also assessing whether your mode of study (e.g. on-campus learner vs. online distance learning) affects these factors.

Research shows that greater wellbeing in students is linked to higher engagement with learning. However, according to previous research, higher perfectionism is also correlated with lower wellbeing levels in students who study in person on-campus. We are unsure how these factors impact online distance learners.

You completed three questionnaires as part of this study.

The SCEQ-M questionnaire measured your engagement level. It measures engagement across several dimensions (applied engagement, goal-oriented engagement, self-disciplined engagement, and interactive engagement).

The BTPS-SF questionnaire measures your perfectionism level. The scale considers three domains: rigid perfectionism, self-critical perfectionism, and narcissistic perfectionism. Your perfectionism level is calculated from the combinations of these three sub-perfectionism traits.

The student WPQ (short version) aims to examine your wellbeing level. It is designed specifically for students, indicating your feelings of stressors, social support, negative coping, positive coping, positive personality, and conscientiousness core.

Since our study is anonymous we will not be able to give each participant their individual results for the questionnaires.

However, if you are interested in the overall findings please feel free to contact Xuejin Peng ( or her supervisor Dr Kieran O’Shea (Kieran.O' for a summary of the results once the study is complete.

Thank again you for your participation!