Information Page

Researcher: Graham Reid (

Project Lead: Dr Philip McAleer (

You have been invited to take part in our research, which is being conducted within the School of Psychology at the University of Glasgow. It is important that you read and understand this information before deciding to participate. If you have any questions at any stage of the study, please contact us on the email addresses above.

You may withdraw your participation at any time without justification. If you wish to withdraw your consent during the study, simply close your web browser. If you wish to withdraw your consent after the study, then send us an email.

The purpose of the study

This study aims to explore the relationship between levels of religiousness, mental wellbeing, and the perception of emotion in voices.

Why I have been invited

You have been invited to participate in this study because we are interested in the relationship between these variables across different groups within society. We are interested in gathering data from different religious groups and from different age cohorts. You may participate in the current study irrespective of religious identification, including non-belief (i.e. agnostic or atheist).

What my participation involves

You will complete some demographic questions, including your age, sex, and nationality. You will then answer some questions designed to capture how religious you are and some questions designed to capture your experience of depression over the past week. Finally, you will complete a short experiment designed to test how you identify emotion in voices. You will be presented with a series of audio clips and you have to indicate what emotion you perceive by clicking the relevant button on your screen. Full instructions will be given during the experiment. You have the right to withdraw participation at any stage and you do not need to answer any question(s) you do not wish to.

We only ask that you respond to all questions honestly. There are no right or wrong answers. Remember your responses are totally anonymous.


Your data will be anonymised and kept confidential. Data will be stored on a GDPR-compliant server throughout the research process. Only the project lead and researcher will have access to your data at this stage. After the research has been completed, your anonymised data will be made readily available online in accordance with the principles of open science.

Research results

Once completed, the results of this research will be made available on request. The research will also be written up as part of an undergraduate dissertation with the view of future publication in an academic journal. Please contact us for more information.