Study Title: Student Perceptions of Written Academic Feedback

Invitation and brief summary: You are being invited to participate in this research study, which will take approximately 5 minutes. We are looking to learn more about how students respond to written feedback. Before you decide to take part, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully to decide whether or not you wish to take part.

Do I have to take part? It is up to you to decide if you would like to take part in this questionnaire. If you do decide to take part you are still able to withdraw at any point during the experiment or omit answering any questions. You must be over 16 to take part and an undergraduate student at a university in the UK.

What’s involved if I agree to take part? If you would like to take part, we will ask you to read and agree to a consent form. Then, you will read some short pieces of written academic feedback and provide some ratings for them. You will then have the opportunity to answer an open-ended question on written feedback

Confidentiality No identifying information about you will be collected. Because of this it will not be possible to remove your data once you have completed the study. The only demographic information asked will be your age, gender, institution and year of study. If you would like to withdraw at any point, please do so before submitting your responses to the questionnaire (a notification will appear before you submit your responses). Experimentum is a GDPR compliant website and as such all your data remains anonymous.

What will happen to the results of the research study? Your data is entirely anonymous and unidentifiable and will be gathered using GDPR compliant software and stored on a secure server. Data, without any personal identifying information, may be made publicly available in an online database for re-analysis by other researchers. Anonymous results of this study may be presented at conferences or published in journals, books, and other media. If you would like a summary of the results, this can be made available to you upon request from the researchers.

All data and results will be anonymous and kept confidential. This research is being funded by the University of Glasgow Learning and Teaching Development Fund. The research has been granted ethical approval from the College of Science and Engineering, University of Glasgow.

Who do I contact for more information? For any further questions or concerns you might have, you can contact Dr Eugene Dawydiak (, Dr Jude Stevenson (

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